I offer coaching skills learned
in American and Polish tennis
clubs specifically catered
to your needs and abilities.

I will help you
to manage your sports
company in a successful
and innovative way.


  • Angie Tennis Academy
    Puszczykowo, Poland

    Coach for all skill levels

  • Tufts University
    Boston, MA, USA

    Assistant Coach of the Tufts University tennis team

  • Dedham Country Club
    Dedham, MA, USA

    Coach in the sub Boston tennis club training children and adults at all skill levels, including Cardio Tennis trainings.

  • Bailey’s Beach
    Newport, RI, USA

    Tennis coach at one of the most prestigious country clubs in the USA.

  • Olimpia Tennis Park
    in Poznań

    Organizer of a training program. Coaching at all skill and age levels.


  • Angie Tennis Academy
    Puszczykowo / 2008-2010

    Member of the Management Board of the Angie Tennis Academy. Organizer of tennis training programs, camps, events and tournaments.

  • Olimpia Tennis Park
    in Poznań / 2010 – 2014

    Comprehensive management of one of the biggest tennis clubs in Poland, organizer of over 140 tennis tournaments for children and adults, including Poznań Open (2010-2014), ITF Poznań (2011-2013), company events, tennis tourism (several dozens of sports camps for children), creator and organizer of Tenis 10 ‘Tosmak Cup’ tournament series.

  • Sportoteka Puszczykowo

    Organized and structured the work of tennis and fitness coaches. Recruited new workers and coaches. Created and supervised different projects. Organized tennis leagues, programs for children and regional, national and international tennis tournaments. Created and prepared audio and video materials and advertisement for the Facebook profile and Sportoteka’s Website